“An awesome teacher!”




“Jane is very patient. She really takes the time to take care of everyone in the class, regardless of their skill level.”



“As a teacher, Jane Arsham is outstanding. She gives each student individual attention and aids them at their own level.  Her approach is very inclusive and encouraging.”



Jane Arsham, founder and principal instructor

Jane Arsham has been studying T’ai Chi and Chi Kung for 18 years and holds certifications to teach both the Yang style long and short forms.  She's been very fortunate to study with the best of teachers, beginning with Dr. Peter Wayne (Tree of Life Tai Chi) and continuiing her studies with Master Arthur Goodridge (Moving Together). She’s been teaching for over 9 years, and was one of the primary instructors for a Harvard research project investigating the benefits of T’ai Chi for heart health.   She has taken workshops and done research to ensure that she brings the best of the many movements available to her students.